Kitsap County Permit Types
Permit Type Description
ADDRESS Address only (without bldg permit) to obtain temp power
ADDRESS - PSE Address Request for Puget Sound Energy for Temporary Power
ADDRESS - SUBDIV Address Permit Type for property divisions
ADDRESSING Addressing Violation
ADMIN APPEAL Appeal/Objection of an Administrative Decision
ADMIN CUP Administrative Conditional Use Permit
ADMIN CUP AMEND Amended Administrative Conditional Use Permit
ADU-INNOCENT Accessory Dwelling Unit - Innocent Purchaser
AG SIGN Agricultural Signage Registration Form
BSM - PRE-INSPECT ON Building Safety Month
BSM 2014 - PRE-INSPE Building Safety Month 2014
BSP Binding Site Plan
BSP ALTER Binding Site Plan Alteration
BUILDING DAMAGE Building Damaged, But Not Condemned
BUILDING-AGRICULTURA Agricultural Building Code Violation
BUILDING-COMMERCIAL Commercial Building Code violation
BUILDING-RESIDENTIAL Residential Building Code Violation
BUSINESS FILE KCC 14.08 Business File for Fire Code Compliance
BUSINESS FILE APT Fire Code Inspection Program for Multi-Family Units
BUSINESS FILE SCHOOL Fire Code Inspection Program for Schools
C-AG Commercial Agriculture Barn/Green House
C-AMUSE/REC Commercial Amusement/Social/Recreation Building
C-AUTO Commercial Auto Service Station/Garage
C-AWN Commercial Awning
C-BB BRD HOUSE Bed & Breakfast House (5-10 guest rooms, R3-IBC)
C-BRD HOUSE Commercial Boarding House (non-owner OR >10 guest rooms)
C-BULK Commercial Bulkhead on Waterfront
C-BULKHEAD Commercial Bulkhead on Waterfront
C-CC Commercial Concurrency Certificate
C-CCR Commercial Concurrency Certificate Renewal
C-CELL Commercial Cell Towers and Antennas
C-CHURCH Commercial Church or Other Religious
C-CI Commercial Capacity Inquiry
C-CO/REVISION Certificate of Occupancy Revision, no work permit
C-CRC Commercial Capacity Reservation Certificate
C-CRR Commercial Capacity Reservation Renewal
C-DAMAGE Commercial Fire/Storm Damage Same Footprint
C-EDUCATION Commercial School/Education
C-FENCE Commercial Fence Over Seven Feet High
C-HOSP Commercial Hospital & Institutions
C-HOT/MOT Commercial Hotel/Motel
C-INDUST Commercial Industrial
C-LIM APPAREL Commercial Limited Apparel Business Certification
C-MAN/COACH Commercial Manufactured Coach
C-MECH/PLUM Commercial Mechanical & Plumbing
C-MINI Commercial Mini Storage
C-MISC Commercial Miscellaneous
C-MIXED Commercial Mixed Use
C-MULTI 3+ Commercial Multi Unit - New 3 DU & UP
C-OFFICE Commercial Office/Bank
C-PLUM Commercial Plumbing Only
C-PW/UTILITIES Commercial Public Works & Utilities
C-REROOF Commercial Re-Roof
C-REROOF AND/OR RESI Commercial Re-roof and/or Re-siding
C-RESTAURANT Commercial Restaurant
C-RET/WALL commercial retaining wall over four feet high
C-RETAIL Commercial Retail/Customer Service
C-SHORE DEV STRUCTUR Commercial Structure on Waterfront
C-STFI Commercial, Subject To Field Inspection, Limited Scope
C-TANK/FUEL Commercial Tank - Fuel
C-TANK/H2O Commercial Tank - Water
C-TANK/LPG Commercial Tank - LPG
C-TANK/REMOVAL Commercial Tank - Removal
C-TEMP Commercial Temporary Building
C-TENANT Commercial Tenant Improvement
C-TENANT MAJOR Commercial Tenant Improvement - Major
C-TENANT MINOR Commercial Tenant Improvement - Minor
C-VAULT Commercial Detention Tank - Stormwater Vault
CABR Critical Area Buffer Reduction >25% <50%
CAO SITE VISIT Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) Site Visit
CONDITIONALWAIVER FR Conditional Waiver from View Blockage Requirements
CPA-PRE-APP Comp Plan Amendment Pre-Application
CPA-SITE SPECIFIC CPA - Site Specific Amendment Application
CPA-TEXT Comp Plan Amendment - Text
CR2CC Capacity Reservation to Concurrency Certificate
CUP Conditional Use Permit
CUP AMEND MAJOR Amended Conditional Use Permit - Major
CUP AMEND MINOR Amended Conditional Use Permit - Minor
CUP-ADU Conditional Use Permit - ADU
CVAR Critical Area Variance
DANGER TREE Dangerous Tree
DANGER TREE SITE VIS Danger Tree Site Vist
DANGEROUS BUILDING Dangerous Building Condemnation
DCD STAFF CONSULT Request for Staff Consultation Meeting
DE-GRADING Grading/Earth Moving Activities
DEMO Demolition and/or Removal of Structure
DEMO COMMERCIAL Demolition and/or Removal of Structure Commercial
DEMO RESIDENTIAL Demolition and/or Removal of Structure Residential
DEMO/INT Partial Demolition or Interior Only
DERELICT VESSELS Boating Ordinance violation
DIR INTERP Director's Interpretation of
DIR VAR Zoning Variance - Adminstrative (Director)
DUMMY-7137 FM Business Account
ESTIMATE - COMM Estimate for Commercial Construction
ESTIMATE - RES Estimate for Residential Construction
F LL Final Large Lot Plat
F LL ALTER Final Large Lot Alteration
F PLAT Final Plat
F PLAT ALTER Final Plat Alteration
F SP Final Short Plat Subdivision
F SP ALTER Final Short Plat Subdivision Alteration
F-LL Final Large Lot Plat
F-SP Final Short Plat Subdivision
FCPC-AFES Fire Code Permit Construction - Automatic Fire Extinguishing System - New or Mor
FCPC-AFES-OTC Fire Code Permit Construction - Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Existing
FCPC-BATT Fire Code Permit Construction- Battery Systems
FCPC-CGAS Fire Code Permit Construction - Compressed Gases
FCPC-ERRCS Fire Code Permit Construction-Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System
FCPC-FA Fire Code Permit Construction - Fire Alarm and Detection Systems for New or Mor
FCPC-FA-OTC Fire Code Permit Construction - Fire Alarm and Detection Systems for existing
FCPC-FCLIQ Fire Code Permit Construction - Flammable and Combustible Liquids
FCPC-FPUMP Fire Code Permit Construction - Fire Pumps and Related Equipment
FCPC-HAZMT Fire Code Permit Construction - Hazardous Materials
FCPC-HOOD Fire Code Permit Construction - Class 1 Hood & Duct Suppression System
FCPC-INDOV Fire Code Permit Construction - Industrial Ovens
FCPC-LPGAS Fire Code Permit Construction - LP Gas
FCPC-PFHYD Fire Code Permit Construction - Fire Hydrants
FCPC-SPPS Fire Code Permit Construction-Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems
FCPC-SPRAY Fire Code Permit Construction - Spraying or Dipping
FCPC-STAND Fire Code Permit Construction - Standpipe Systems
FCPO-AEROS Fire Code Permit Operational - Aerosol products
FCPO-AMUSE Fire Code Permit Operational - Amusement buildings
FCPO-ASSY Fire Code Permit Operational - Places of Assembly
FCPO-AVIAT Fire Code Permit Operational - Aviation Facilities
FCPO-BATT Fire Code Permit Operational - Battery Systems
FCPO-BB Fire Code Permit Operational - Bed & Breakfast/Boarding House
FCPO-CDUST Fire Code Permit Operational - Combustible Dust-Producing Operations
FCPO-CELL Fire Code Permit Operational - Cellulose Nitrate Film
FCPO-CFAIR Fire Code Permit Operational - Carnivals and Fairs
FCPO-CFIBR Fire Code Permit Operational - Combustible Fibers
FCPO-CGAS Fire Code Permit Operational - Compressed Gases
FCPO-COMBO Fire Code Permit Operational - Combination
FCPO-CRYO Fire Code Permit Operational - Cryogenic Fluids
FCPO-CW Fire Code Permit Operational - Cutting and Welding
FCPO-DRYCL Fire Code Permit Operational - Dry Cleaning Plants
FCPO-EXHIB Fire Code Permit Operational - Exhibits and Trade Shows
FCPO-EXPLO Fire Code Permit Operational - Explosives
FCPO-FCLIQ Fire Code Permit Operational - Flammable and Combustible Liquids
FCPO-FLOOR Fire Code Permit Operational - Floor Finishing
FCPO-FRUIT Fire Code Permit Operational - Fruit and Crop Ripening
FCPO-FUMIG Fire Code Permit Operational - Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal
FCPO-FW-DI Fire Code Permit Operational - Explosives (Fireworks Display) IFC 105.6.15
FCPO-FW-ST Fire Code Permit Operational - Explosives (Fireworks Stand) IFC 105.6.15
FCPO-FW-TE Fire Code Permit Operational - Explosives (Fireworks Tent) IFC 105.6.15
FCPO-HAZMT Fire Code Permit Operational-Hazardous Materials
FCPO-HOTWO Fire Code Permit Operational - Hotwork Operations
FCPO-HPM Fire Code Permit Operational - HPM Facilites
FCPO-HPS Fire Code Permit Operational - High Piled Storage
FCPO-INDOV Fire Code Permit Operational - Industrial Ovens
FCPO-LGFV Fire Code Permit Operational - Liquid/Gas-fueled Vehicles or Equip
FCPO-LPGAS Fire Code Permit Operational - LP Gas
FCPO-LUMBE Fire Code Permit Operational - Lumber Yards and Woodworking Plants
FCPO-MAG Fire Code Permit Operational - Magnesium
FCPO-MALL Fire Code Permit Operational - Covered Mall Buildings
FCPO-MCSTO Fire Code Permit Operational - Misc Covered Storage
FCPO-OPFL1 Fire Code Permit Operational - Open Flames and Torches
FCPO-OPFL2 Fire Code Permit Operational - Open Flames and Candles
FCPO-ORGAN Fire Code Permit Operational - Organic Coatings
FCPO-PFHYD Fire Code Permit Operational - Private Fire Hydrants
FCPO-PYROT Fire Code Permit Operational - Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material
FCPO-PYROX Fire Code Permit Operational - Pyroxylin Plastics
FCPO-REFRI Fire Code Permit Operational - Refrigeration Equipment
FCPO-REPAI Fire Code Permit Operational - Repair Garages & Motor Fuel Dispensing
FCPO-RHELI Fire Code Permit Operational - Rooftop Heliports
FCPO-SPRAY Fire Code Permit Operational - Spraying or Dipping
FCPO-TENT Fire Code Permit Operational - Temp Membrane Structure Installation and Use
FCPO-TIRER Fire Code Permit Operational - Tire-Rebuilding Plants
FCPO-TIRES Fire Code Permit Operational - Storage of Scrap Tires & Tire Byproduct
FCPO-WASTE Fire Code Permit Operational - Waste Handling
FCPO-WOOD Fire Code Permit Operational - Wood Products
FIRE CODE Violation of Fire Code
FIRE INVESTIGATION Fire Investigation of Cause, Origin and Circumstances
FIREWORKS Fireworks Violation
FLOOD HAZARD AREAS V Flood Hazard Areas Variance
FM-ANNUAL Routine Annual FM Inspection
FM-ANNUAL-2385 Routine Annual FM Inspection
FM-BUSINESS FM Business Account
FM-BUSINESS ACCOUNT Routine Annual FM Inspection
FM-BUSINESS-APT FM Annual Apartment Inspections
FM-BUSINESS-APT-6047 FM Annual Apartment Inspections
FM-BUSINESS-SCHOOL FM Annual School Inspections
FM-BUSINESS-SCHOOL-7 FM Annual School Inspections
FOREST PRACTICES - T Forest Practices & Tree Complaints
FPA COHP Forest Practice Application Conversion Option Harvest Plan
FPA CONV Forest Practice Application Conversion
HB Home Business
HE APPEAL Appeal of Hearing Examiner's Decision
HEALTH DEPT Complaint received by Health Department
HISTORICAL Historical Public Complaint Data
HISTORICAL IMPACT FE Historical Impact Fees No permit in system
I502 MJ Recreational Marijuana Facility in violation of County Code
KNAT Kitsap Nuisance Abatement Team Case
LANDLORD/TENANT Tenant/Landlord Request
LEGAL LOT DET Legal Lot Determination
LU-MISC Misc. Land Use Permit
MED MMJ Unpermitted Medical Marijuana/Collective Garden Facility
MH-LOT Manufactured Home on a Lot
MH-LOT/REPLACE Replacement of a Manufactured Home on a lot
MH-PARK Manufactured Home in a Park
MH-SPECIAL CARE Special Care Manufactured Home (1 year permit)
MH-TEMP Temporary Manufacture Home Installation
MOORING BUOY EXEMPTI Mooring Buoy Exemption
NOISE Noise Ordinance
OPEN SPACE Open Space Application
P LL Preliminary Large Lot Subdivision
P LL AMEND Preliminary Large Lot Amendment
P PLAT Preliminary Plat
P PLAT AMEND Preliminary Plat Amendment Type III
P PLAT AMEND I Preliminary Plat Amendment Type I
P PLAT AMEND MAJOR Preliminary Plat Amendment Major
P PLAT AMEND MINOR Preliminary Plat Amendment Minor
P SP Preliminary Short Plat Subdivision
P SP AMEND Preliminary Short Plat Amendment
PBD Performance-Based Development
PLANNING Planning-related Complaint
PLAT AMEND Preliminary Plat Amendment
PLAT EXT Plat Extension
PRE-APP Pre-Application
PUBLIC WORKS Complaint received by Public Works
PW WASTEWATER Public Works Wastewater
PW WATER QUALITY Public Works Water Quality
R-AFH Conversion to an Adult Family Home
R-AG Residential Agricultural Barn/Green House New
R-AG/ADD Residential Agricultural Barn/Green House Add/Alt
R-BB HOUSE Residential Bed & Breakfast House (up to 4 guest rooms, R3-IRC)
R-BULKHEAD Residential Bulkhead on Waterfront
R-CC Concurrency - SFR
R-DECK Residential Deck
R-FENCE Residential Fence Over Seven Feet High
R-FOUNDATION Residential Foundation Under Existing SFR
R-GARAGE Residential Garage/Carport/Shed NEW
R-GARAGE/ADD Residential garage/Carport/Shed add/alt
R-GARAGE/B Establishment of a garage/shed basic plan
R-GUEST HOUSE Residential Guest House
R-MECH/PLUM Residential Mechanical & Plumbing
R-MULTI-DUPX Residential Duplex New
R-POOL Residential Pool
R-PORCH Residential Porch/Covered Deck
R-REROOF Residential Re-Roof
R-REROOF AND/OR RESI Residential Re-Roof and/or Re-Siding
R-RET/WALL Residential Retaining Wall Over Four Feet High
R-SFR Residential Single Family Residence New +/- Attached Garage
R-SFR/ADD Residential Single Family Residence Addition
R-SFR/ADU Residential Accessory Dwelling Unit (New or Converted)
R-SFR/ALQ Residential, Attached Accessory Living Quarters (New or Converted)
R-SFR/B Establishment of a Residential Basic Plan
R-SFR/B 2012 Establish a Residential Basic Plan 2012 Code Cycle
R-SFR/DAM Residential Emergency Fire/Storm Damage Repair
R-SFR/INTB Residential Interior Remodel Add Bedrooms
R-SFR/MOVED Residential Single Family Residence Moved
R-SFR/REMODEL-MAJOR Residential Remodel-Major
R-SFR/REMODEL-MINOR Residential Remodel-Minor
R-SFR/REPAIR Residential Repair
R-SFR/REPLACE Replacement Single Family Residence
R-SHORE DEV STRUCTUR Residential Structure on Waterfront
R-STFI Residential, Subject To Field Inspection, Limited Scope
RDAP Road Approach Permit
RDAP-BLDG Road Approach Permit With Associated Permit
REACT Reactivation of historical permit - HTE
REC MJ Recreational marijuana business buffer inspection
RECONSIDERATION Reconsideration of Hearing Examiner Decision
REVISION - BLDG Revision to an Issued Building Permit
REVISION - COM Revision to an Issued Commercial Permit
REVISION - RES Revision to an Issued Residential Permit
REVISION-FIRE Revision to an Issued Fire Permit
REZONE Rezoning request, not requiring a Comprehensive Plan Amendment.
ROAD NAME Road Name Petition
ROAD NAME - AC Road Name - Address Correction Project
ROAD NAME - BP Road Name Petition with Building Permit
ROAD NAME - SUBDIVIS Address Permit Type for property divisions
ROW Right of Way Permit
RSFR Residential Single Family Residence
RUE Reasonable Use Exemption
RV-EMERGENCY Recreational Vehicle - Emergency
SCUP Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
SDAP-ADDENDUM Addendum to an issued SDAP.
SDAP-CAPITAL PROJECT Site Development Activity Permit for a Roads Capital Project
SDAP-COMM Site Development Activity Permit - Major
SDAP-GRADING Site Development Activity Permit - Grading < 500 CY
SDAP-GRADING 1 Site Development Activity Permit - Grading < 500 CY
SDAP-GRADING 2 Site Development Activity Permit - Grading > 500 CY and < 5000 CY
SDAP-GRADING 3 Site Development Activity Permit - Grading > 5000 CY
SDAP-LL Site Development Activity Permit - Large Lot
SDAP-LSUB Site Development Activity Permit - Land Subdivision
SDAP-PLAT Site Development Activity Permit - Plat/Performance-Based Development (PBD)
SDAP-ROW USE-MINOR SDAP Right of Way Use/Improvement - Minor
SDAP-ROW USE/IMPVT SDAP Right of Way Use - Minor
SDAP-ROW USE/MAJOR SDAP Right of Way Use/Improvement - Major
SDAP-SFR Site Development Activity Permit - Single Family Residences
SDAP-SHORT SUB Site Development Activity Permit - Short Plat Subdivision
SDAP-SS Site Development Activity Permit - Short Plat Subdivision
SEPA State Environmental Policy Act - Environmental Checklist
SEPA APPEAL Appeal of a SEPA Determination
SEPA REVIEW State Environmental Policy Act Review
SHOOTING Violation of Shooting Ordinance
SHORE REV Shoreline Revision
SHORELINE EXEMPT Shoreline Exemption
SHOREVIEWBLOCKWAV Shoreline View Blockage Waiver
SIGN Sign Permit
SIGNS Sign Code
SITE ASSESSMENT Site Assessment for CAO, Danger Tree, View Thinnng, Zoning, Building, Stormwate
SITE SPECIFIC APP Site Specific Amendment Application - Comp. Plan
SSDP COM Commercial Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
SSDP RES Residential Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
STORMWATER Stormwater Management
SVAR Shoreline Variance
SVLW Shoreline View Line Waiver
TDR PROGRAM Transfer of Development rights
VPLAT Vacate Plat
VROW Vacate Right Of Way
ZONING - ADU Violation of Accessory Dwelling Unit
ZONING - ALQ Violation of Accessory Living Quarters
ZONING - ANIMALS Violation of Animals and/or Feeding Areas
ZONING - CLQ Violation of Construction Living Quarters
ZONING - COMM BUSINE Violation of Commercial Business
ZONING - GENERAL Alleged Zoning Code violation - General
ZONING - HOME BUSINE Violation of Home Business
ZONING - JUNK VEHICL Violation of Junk Vehicles
ZONING - RV AS DWELL Violation of Recreational Vehicle as dwelling unit
ZONING - RV AS SNOW Violation of Recreational Vehicle as Snowbird
ZONING - SHIPPING CO Violation of Shipping Container Placement
ZONING - SIGNS Violation - Signs
ZONING - SPEC CARE M Violation of Special Care Manufactured Home
ZONING - USE IN TABL Violation of Use in Zone / Use Table
ZONING VARIANCE ZONING Variance - Hearing Examiner